IAM Patent 1000 2017

World’s leading patent professionals

«Brimming with prosecution, transactional and enforcement know-how, Elzaburu is a one-stop shop offering a truly comprehensive patent service. Lawyers work hand in hand with engineers, chemists and biotechnologists to obtain patents, exploit their commercial potential and robustly defend them against infringement. Antonio Castán’s impressive courtroom record since 1985 owes much to his erudition and his no-stone-unturned examination of the technical facts in each case. Having spent 10 years in the R&D department of a multinational manufacturer of electrochemical storage batteries, Francisco Sáez has sound technical expertise and a taste for innovation. A trainer on preparatory courses for the European qualifying examination, he knows what makes for a first-rate patent attorney. Licensing maven Javier Fernández-Lasquetty has broad IP knowledge and a trenchant business mind.»

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