IAM Patent 1000 2016

World’s leading patent practitioners

«A prime pick for one-stop shopping, Elzaburu offers an A-to-Z patent service to clients of all stripes, with validation of EPO applications a real forte. The contentious squad is a frequent fixture in ground-breaking court cases and its win rate has Fortune 500s queuing up outside the door. Litigation chief Antonio Castán is «brilliant»: «He is seasoned, clever expert with a great personality. He does a thorough job and has no problem maintaining control in complex multi-jurisdictional cases. He holds your hand and doesn’t let go». On the prosecution side, gifted draftsman Francisco Sáez consistently crafts robust patents that can withstand the harshest scrutiny. «He will fight for whatever you need. Agile when it comes to filing, he always seems to know the right approach for a patent application. He is extremely capable of understanding technical aspects and then translating this for the ease of the examiner, and is an excellent communicator». Javier Fernández-Lasquetty is the go-to guy for start-up and medium-sized tech companies. He can provide assistance across the board, but is especially effective on transactions – the smooth-talking negotiator always scores favourable outcomes for patrons»

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