Patents have proven to be an invaluable tool for protecting proprietary chemical inventions and deriving additional income streams by way of licensing fees, and even as an invaluable source of technical information for piggybacking new inventions on the existing art.

In the field of chemistry, gradual depletion of the supply of fossil fuels worldwide is driving biofuel development; in the pharmaceutical field, mankind’s ongoing battle against disease drives the development of new pharmaceuticals; and in the environmental field, greater awareness of the need for sustainable development is driving research into new clean and renewable energy sources.

The outcome of all this research can and must be protected to ensure that inventors are fairly remunerated for their inventions.

The ELZABURU Firm has put together a team of outstanding patent lawyers to defend the interests of companies that have decided to invest in innovation in these fields. Team members include specialists in chemistry, biology, and biotechnology who subsequently qualified as industrial property attorneys and European patent attorneys and who are dedicated to defending their clients’ inventions in Spain, in Europe, and virtually worldwide though our network of local Associates.