Entrepeneurs. Small and medium business

The emergence of a competitive environment conducive to business start-up incubation in Spain over the past few years has been one of the upsides of the crisis.

Entrepreneurs, start-ups, and previously existing small and medium-sized enterprises have come down firmly on the side of innovation as a means of making their goods and/or services stand out from the competition in their local market and as a jumping-off point for expansion into new markets abroad. In this new playing field, proper management of intangible assets is indispensable for these companies over the short term.

For entrepreneurs and start-ups, protection of innovation by means of confidentiality agreements, registering IP rights (patents, designs, software, etc.), and corporate image management (trademarks, tradenames, domain names, etc.) is vitally important to enable them to obtain market share in competition with large companies and to attract new investment to help them expand their businesses.

ELZABURU has long experience in advising and working with entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMEs from the earliest stages of inception to final launch of goods or services in the marketplace in Spain or abroad with a view to safeguarding all of a businesses’ key intangible assets.