Intellectual property and copyright can trace their origins to book publishing.

In recent years the sector has been hard hit by a succession of technical apparatus such as e-books, tablets, and other digital platforms for reading, and as a result sales of physical books have been steadily falling. Applied reading technology opens new doors for the exploitation of literary works, which are more and more being offered to users as part of a package of services traditionally unrelated to the publishing sector, e.g., audio books, interactive books, music books, etc. This has brought about a change both in the business model and in how rights in literary works are licensed and acquired. At the same time, the undeniable benefits ushered in by these new means of reading are, however, offset by one of the chief scourges faced by the cultural industry in the twenty-first century, Internet piracy.

Cognizant of this situation, ELZABURU has a team of specialized intellectual property lawyers experienced in the sector whose mission is to provide authors, publishers, and other rightholders with comprehensive advice to enable them to properly protect their creations and successfully pursue their businesses.