Building, Real Estate, Civil Engineering

There are a number of major Spanish companies operating in Spain’s building, real estate, and civil engineering sector.

The Spanish companies operating in this sector do a great deal of international work and have expanded the range of services they can provide to far beyond those traditional to the field, including such activities as infrastructure management and offering parallel services that are contributing to a growing share of company earnings.

ELZABURU helps companies in this sector secure protection for their patents, brands, and other rights in these changing times, assessing the jurisdictions where protection is advisable and evaluating the core services these companies provide. Our Firm also assists our clients in all their activities by drawing up, reviewing, and otherwise advising on licensing and business agreements, protecting computer software and other infrastructure management tools, etc.

All advice furnished by ELZABURU takes into account our clients’ overall portfolio of trademarks and other rights to avoid overprotecton and the resulting unnecessary expenditures while at the same time ensuring a level of protection consistent with their business needs and interests.