The field of biotechnology has undergone some of the most sweeping changes in recent times and has had far-reaching impact both on our quality of life and on other areas of technology.

Still, the biotechnology sector requires heavy investment that can take a long time to bear fruit. Often only solid industrial property rights that ensure exclusive entitlement to market the resulting products will encourage companies to set out on the path that will eventually lead to market. In view of the special nature of biotechnology inventions in terms of both the requirements for protection and differences in legislation in the different countries, being able to secure the corresponding rights will often depend on obtaining proper advice for selecting subject matter for patenting, drafting and prosecuting patents, and negotiating licences.

ELZABURU has a multidisciplinary team of experienced patent attorneys who specialize in the field of biotechnology and can provide across-the-board advice for both obtaining protection for inventions and negotiating licenses and other business arrangements.