Aviation and Aerospace Industry

As a country, Spain has a long-standing aerospace tradition and extensive experience, enabling it to offer cutting-edge solutions that can be implemented at its highly advanced manufacturing facilities.

In recent years Spain has made significant strides in such sectors as composite materials, small and mid-range aircraft design, military aviation, jet engines, flight simulators, and the space industry.

Spain’s aerospace industry is one of the country’s strategic sectors and develops high-end systems. Growth in recent years has placed Spain’s aerospace industry alongside those of other international industrial aerospace powers, and as a result intellectual property rights in the field have become one of Spain’s strategic mainstays. Thus, Spanish companies are among the international leaders in the aerospace field, and the ELZABURU Firm acts as their legal Counsel, advising them on all aspects of IP protection for their research and development achievements, working with industry’s top companies and consolidating our position as one of the most highly qualified IP firms in the aerospace sector.

ELZABURU‘s expert IP team offers full-service advice to companies in the industry and to all major subcontractors that do business internationally and are involved in projects around the world, helping to enhance their competitiveness in the global marketplace.