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Our reason for being is to maintain a strong and constant commitment to the business and cultural progress of our country. We help our clients to transform their inventions, innovations, creations and data into intangible assets, through the implementation of a personalized strategy, integrated in the general business plan of the companies.

ELZABURU advises all types of clients, from large corporations to SMEs, accompanying them and collaborating in their process of national and international expansion.

Building, Real Estate, Civil Engineering

There are a number of major Spanish companies operating in Spain’s building, real estate, and civil engineering sector.

As a country, Spain has a long-standing aerospace tradition and extensive experience, enabling it to offer cutting-edge solutions that can be implemented at its highly advanced manufacturing facilities.

Aviation and Aerospace Industry

Information and Communications Technologies

ICT (Information and Communications Technology) spans a broad range of computer hardware and software-based services, applications, and technologies often provided over telecommunications networks. Therefore, implementation of ICT inventions can be said to require a computer, a computer network, or another programmable device.

The automobile sector is one of industry’s most dynamic. Investment in the sector, the number of jobs it creates, competition, and innovative activity are all factors contributing to this.

Automotive Industry


The field of biotechnology has undergone some of the most sweeping changes in recent times and has had far-reaching impact both on our quality of life and on other areas of technology.

Patents have proven to be an invaluable tool for protecting proprietary chemical inventions and deriving additional income streams by way of licensing fees, and even as an invaluable source of technical information for piggybacking new inventions on the existing art.

Chemical Industry

Energy, Renewable Energy, and the Environment

Renewable or green energy technologies provide what can generally be regarded as those intended to alleviate climate change by controlling, preventing, and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions produced by human activities.

Pharmaceutical and phytosanitary research make decisive contributions to public health.

Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical Industries

Food and Beverage. Consumer Goods

The food sector has undergone major changes in the past 25 or 30 years. Artisanal and farmhouse production methods have given way to modern industrial processing, which has both increased productivity and improved the sanitary conditions of the resulting food products.

Spain’s Public Administration has embarked on a far-reaching programme to modernize its procedures and its image, making increasingly innovative services available to citizens and promoting those services by methods that were formerly the exclusive realm of the private sector.

Public Administration

Entrepreneurs. Small and Medium Business

The emergence of a competitive environment conducive to business start-up incubation in Spain over the past few years has been one of the upsides of the crisis. Entrepreneurs, start-ups, and previously existing small and medium-sized enterprises have come down firmly on the side of innovation as a means of making their goods and/or services stand out from the competition in their local market and as a jumping-off point for expansion into new markets abroad.

The three-pronged model based on personality, brand, and business, in which businesses use the image of elite athletes, actors, public figures, celebrities, etc. to promote their goods and/or services and thus gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, is flourishing in today’s climate.

Sport and Personal Branding

Sector Editorial

Intellectual property and copyright can trace their origins to book publishing.