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Our reason for being is to maintain a strong and constant commitment to the business and cultural progress of our country. We help our clients to transform their inventions, innovations, creations and data into intangible assets, through the implementation of a personalized strategy, integrated in the general business plan of the companies.

ELZABURU advises all types of clients, from large corporations to SMEs, accompanying them and collaborating in their process of national and international expansion.

Patents and Industrial Designs

Patents are one of the cornerstones underpinning companies of many different kinds, technology companies in particular, helping to make them more competitive and thus giving them an edge up on the competition.

The emergence of new technologies has made copyright an area of law that is subject to continuous review and revision. Legislative initiatives are ongoing both nationally and in Europe and elsewhere internationally. Our Firm has been in the forefront of the fight to set up a suitable legal framework that will strike a balance between respecting the basic rights and principles of the information society and protecting intellectual creations in the digital age.

Copyright and Authors’ Rights

Trademarks and Tradenames

Our Firm specializes in intellectual property, that is, in furnishing full-service advice aimed at assuring our clients effective legal protection for their interests in trademarks and tradenames and in all distinctive signs generally; this naturally extends to management, prosecution, and handling services as well as representation before national, Community, and international trademark authorities, as appropriate.

Linking goods or services to a specific geographical location is today a highly effective means of attracting and keeping a customer base, thanks to the positive associations this calls forth in the minds of consumers as a result of the specific, objective natural and/or human attributes and the subjective connotations attaching to the place of production. As a consequence, designations and other indicators of geographical origin are growing both in number and in importance in the marketplace.

Geographical Indications and other Quality Designations

Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation

Dispute avoidance strategies need to consider that at some point, sooner or later, it may be necessary to resort to the courts to recover a right or defend against a third-party claim. ELZABURU’s contentious practice has undergone enormous growth in recent years because of the vast experience accrued and the high prestige attained by its team of litigation lawyers.

The spectacular increase in copyright piracy, brand counterfeiting, and passing-off of trademarks and other IP rights of late has had calamitous market repercussions and has forced companies to expend ever more resources on fighting this scourge by all legal means at their disposal.

Anticounterfeiting and Antipiracy

R&D and Technology Transfer

ELZABURU furnishes advice on all types of transactions involving intangible assets and draws up the requisite legal documents for properly exploiting assets of this kind.

Over and above the activities of registering and defending patents and trademarks, inventions, trademarks and other distinctive signs, and copyrights are, beyond question, intangible assets of great value to every business. Legal issues are key to being able to properly exploit these assets.

Intangibles and Commercial Contracts

Personality Rights and Corporate Reputation

Public figures (athletes, artists and performers, professionals) and companies are exposed to many different threats to their reputation and image, especially in the current environment of social networks and the Internet. Even brands can fall victim to threats of this kind.

With entry into force of the Organic Data Protection Act, Act No. 15/1999 of 13 December 1999 (“the LOPD” according to its Spanish abbreviation), it became mandatory for companies, associations, and professionals to bring their data files into compliance with the requirements laid down in that Act to ensure the fundamental right to protection of all personal data relating to personal and family honour, dignity, and privacy.

      Data Strategy and                    Management

Domain Names

Domain names are of course key to the proper functioning of the Internet, not only in their technical role of simple and easily remembered means of accessing IP addresses but also in their economic role.

The Internet has transformed how business is done and how persons and companies communicate. But along with the many new benefits ushered in by the web, the Internet has also engendered new legal problems that have the potential to be particularly harmful because the medium lends itself to rapid, broad exposure.

New Technologies: Internet, E-Commerce and Social Networking

Plant Varieties

Breeding new plant varieties diversifies natural species and makes available plants and seeds which are better adapted to specific climatic conditions, more productive, or more nutritious or which have new aesthetic or other attributes. Breeders of new plant varieties are entitled to recognition for their efforts through registration – for a limited time – of an exclusive right similar to a patent, the plant breeder’s right.

As leaders in intangible asset management and legal advisory services, ELZABURU is deeply committed to continuously enhancing the services it offers its clients, and to that end it has opened a new, specialized practice area to deal specifically with media and entertainment matters.

IP Media & Entertainment

Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Rights

Our Firm is active in all legal matters attaching to systems integration and the development, assignment, and licensing of the different solutions, software, and applications.

We help our clients identify, organize, protect and defend their trade secrets, whether of a commercial or technical (know-how) nature, and we also help them with monetization, furnishing advice on all transactions dealing with these types of intangible assets.

Trade Secrets (Commercial and Technical/ Know How)

Valuation of Intangibles and Due Diligence

ELZABURU advises its clients on the best ways to profit from their intangible assets and how to obtain funding for asset creation.