Trade Secrets (Commercial and Technical/ Know How)

We help our clients identify, organize, protect and defend their trade secrets, whether of a commercial or technical (know-how) nature, and we also help them with monetization, furnishing advice on all transactions dealing with these types of intangible assets.


Planning for the management and protection of trade secrets; identifying trade secrets and establishing internal procedures for management of the same within the company and in relationships with third parties.

Audits or due diligence of internal trade secret protection processes.

Contractual matters: preparing, reviewing and/or negotiating confidentiality, transaction (licensing and sale) and technology transfer agreements relating to trade secrets.

Training in the identification, classification, and management of trade secrets.

Employee programmes (human resource management with a view to protecting trade secrets).

Online monitoring plans.

Advising private parties with regard to putting together proof of the existence and content of trade secrets.

Legal defence in civil and criminal proceedings and in arbitration and mediation proceedings dealing with matters involving trade secrets.