IP Media & Entertainment

As leaders in intangible asset management and legal advisory services, ELZABURU is deeply committed to continuously enhancing the services it offers its clients, and to that end it has opened a new, specialized practice area to deal specifically with media and entertainment matters.

Our clients in this field are a varied mix of both large content users and leading content creators and suppliers, along with broadcasting and production companies, authors, writers, and songwriters, as well as performers.

Besides furnishing advice on IP right purchasing and licensing agreements , conducting or assisting in the negotiating process, and defending our clients’ interests in court, arbitration, and mediation proceedings, our Firm can help in complying with regulatory requirements set by the authorities and in optimizing business procedures, in cooperation with our business and organizational consulting teams. At the same time, ELZABURU offers its clients an ongoing reporting service to stay abreast of potentially relevant regulatory changes.

Our domestic and international experience in the fields of mass media, management and assignment of IP rights, and defending against plagiarism makes ELZABURU a valuable ally for content producers, suppliers, and broadcasters and other outlets.


Comprehensive legal advice for rightholders in all the different sectors of the entertainment industry (music, theatre, motion pictures, television, etc.), including, for instance, authors, artists, performers, music publishers, record companies, audiovisual production companies, and theatre companies.

Full-service legal advice for the mass media and content users (journalists, radio broadcasters, television stations, impresarios, social networks, commentators generally).

Guidance and legal advice for investors in IP content, particularly in the audiovisual industry (business plan, obtaining funding and subsidies, applications for regulatory approval, purchase and licensing of IP rights, IP audits, etc.).

Services as legal Counsel in all the varied procedures, both in court and out of court (negotiations, transactions), conciliation proceedings with collecting societies, arbitration, reviews by competition commissions, and so forth.