and Tradenames

Our Firm specializes in intellectual property, that is, in furnishing full-service advice aimed at assuring our clients effective legal protection for their interests in trademarks and tradenames and in all distinctive signs generally; this naturally extends to management, prosecution, and handling services as well as representation before national, Community, and international trademark authorities, as appropriate.

Our professional services thus encompass advising on all aspects of matters bearing on the availability of new distinctive signs for use and/or registration as well as preliminary searches, trademarks and tradenames, patenting, licensing, unfair competition, domain name disputes with third parties, and the like. Our Firm also handles contentious matters before all courts, authorities, and jurisdictions, including the Court of Justice of the European Union and national and international courts of arbitration.


Brand and Corporate
Image Strategies

Trademark Portfolio Audits (Due Diligence).

Designing trademark registration strategies for all countries worldwide.

Brand and Corporate Image Strategies.

Rights Protection
and Management

Filing and prosecuting new trademark registrations.

Defense against third parties.

Watches and maintenance.

Assignments, mergers, changes of name.

Trademark protection and management in all countries worldwide.