Geographical Indications and Other Quality Designations

Linking goods or services to a specific geographical location is today a highly effective means of attracting and keeping a customer base, thanks to the positive associations this calls forth in the minds of consumers as a result of the specific, objective natural and/or human attributes and the subjective connotations attaching to the place of production. As a consequence, designations and other indicators of geographical origin are growing both in number and in importance in the marketplace.

Similarly, quality marks have proved to be another powerful tool for gaining customer loyalty by indicating to consumers that all goods/services bearing the mark are produced according to established rules and regulations and thus have certain objective features that meet agreed-upon quality standards. This reassures consumers that the goods and services bearing the mark will live up to expectations.

ELZABURU’s team in this practice area can furnish general strategic advice regarding the use, registration, and defense of the different types of geographical signs – geographical indications and designations of origin – and quality marks – collective and certification marks – available under the law. We are also equipped to coordinate registration and defensive activities nationally, in the European Union, and worldwide.


Furnishing advice on registration procedures for designations of origin and geographical indications.

Furnishing legal advice to Regulatory Boards to thwart infringement of their exclusive rights.