Our French Desk’s team has specialized in
advising French and Spanish companies on how to
protect and defend their IP rights.

París, Francia

French Desk

ELZABURU’s French Desk is at service of French companies that require specialized IP advice regarding matters in Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Ibero-America and assists Spanish companies in protecting their IP rights in France.

For this reason, we maintain close links with the best French law firms in this field, as well as with important groups of French companies that have trusted our services for the last decades.

The professionals staffing ELZABURU’s French Desk are bilingual and have been educated and trained in both Spain and France.

Contact information

Jesús Quintana

Torre de Cristal
P.º de la Castellana, 259C
Planta 28
28046 Madrid, España

Tel: +34 91 700 9400