Corporate Social Responsibility

The corporate sector is one of the driving forces behind the social and economic transformation of our country. Being well aware of this, ELZABURU contributes actively, through its corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy, to the fostering of sustainable development, integrating within the firm’s strategic management relevant economic, social and environmental concerns.

The strategic pillars of ELZABURU’s CSR policy are:


The firm’s CSR policy has its roots in the mission, vision, values and principles of the firm and is fuelled by the professional team which embodies those values and sustains our activity and relations with our clients. The policy likewise stems from transparent relations and dialogue with the corresponding interest groups.


The work performed by ELZABURU is undertaken in accordance with a series of ethical principles and with the demands of transparency and compliance with current regulations.
In the course of its activities ELZABURU adheres strictly to the rules of ethics and conduct established by the relevant professional associations and institutions and also to the principles laid down in its internal Code of ethics.
ELZABURU similarly has a specific system in place for the avoidance of conflicts of interest. Potential problems are thus referred from the outset to our internal Client Conflict Oversight Board (CCOB).


Within the dedication to excellence which characterizes the strategic management of the firm, ELZABURU has obtained the ISO 9001 certification thanks to a commitment to provide quality which in turn forms part of the ethical demands of the profession. That certification calls for the observance on the part of all professional and administrative staff of certain protocols as regards working practices, systems operation and the use of means and materials.


    We accompany our clients in the development, protection and defence of innovation and their creations, through a comprehensive service of legal-registrative, technical, contractual and litigious advice on industrial and intellectual property and information technology.


    We are the external reference support that companies need to design and execute their legal-registration, technical, economic, contractual and litigation strategy in relation to their intangible assets.


    Rigor, audacity and consideration in the advice
    Loyalty, humility and good faith in the ways and ways
    Complicity, joy and transparency in dealing with the client and teammates

Human and Intellectual Capital


ELZABURU adheres to the UN Global Compact, an international initiative for the promotion through corporate social responsibility of the implementation within the strategies and procedures of businesses of the ten universally proclaimed principles in the areas of human rights, labour standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.


Our practitioners make up the nucleus of the prestige of ELZABURU and play a key role in ensuring the sustainability of the firm.
The policy similarly reflects the firm’s concern about the creation and maintenance of employment and the professional development of its employees through continuous learning programmes. A career development plan is in place, as are mechanisms to allow for flexibility in the organization of work, the rationalization of working hours and, consequently, the reconciliation of private and professional life.


“Commitment to talent, training and professional development”

Within the context of their contribution to the world of education and commitment to the service of society, ELZABURU’s practitioners engage proactively and voluntarily in the dissemination of knowledge in the field of intellectual property through publications, articles in the press and participation in conferences, workshops, courses and seminars. ELZABURU is also involved in training programmes for young professionals organized in conjunction with Spanish universities, whereby every year various students complete their training within the firm.

Social, cultural and sporting activities for employees are likewise promoted.


The Pro-Bono advisory programme was launched in 2016 with the collaboration of the Pro-Bono Foundation of Spain. The Firm thus fulfils its commitment to selflessly share its know-how and experience in intellectual and industrial property matters with society. The objective will always be to offer comprehensive advice on intellectual and industrial property matters to non-profit organisations.

Our mission is to protect and promote innovation and intellectual property as a key factor in entrepreneurship, employment, investment and the development of business activity.

impacto medioambiental


Respect for the environment is an indispensable requirement for every organization with a sustainable vocation.

ELZABURU has for years been adopting measures to foster respect for the environment through the implementation of a series of projects aimed at ensuring a responsible consumption of natural resources and the consequent reduction of the environmental impact of the activities of the firm. Thus, the consumption of paper has been cut, the number of files kept on paper has gone down sharply, LED lamps have been installed for reasons of electrical efficiency, new closures have been fitted, paper shredders are in operation, waste is managed, cans and the like are recycled, etc.

informe integrado


As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy of the Firm, ELZABURU is committed to be transparent and to provide public awareness on its CSR activities and milestones through integrated reporting (only available in Spanish).

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