we have moved to the cuatro torres business area, elzaburu, torre de cristal building

On 1 November, we moved our head office, which had been located for 40 years at calle Miguel Ángel 21, to the Torre de Cristal building, one of the four skyscrapers in the Cuatro Torres Business Area located on the Paseo de la Castellana.

The firm’s 150 professionals are working at the new head office, using new collaborative IP management models and taking advantage of our advanced technological tools.

Following the process of digital transformation that the firm has undertaken over the past few years, the move to our new head office is a further step reaffirming our commitment to rise to the challenges of a marketplace that is subject to constant technological and social change.

We are ready for this new chapter in our long history, with the same enthusiasm and motivation as our forebears who established the firm more than 155 years ago, and with the experience and expertise of an extraordinary team of professionals, who ensure that we maintain our position as leaders in intangible asset legal advisory services.