Elzaburu, covid-19 statement


Postal and courier deliveries

At this very difficult time for us all, we wish to send our clients, colleagues, friends and their families and loved ones, all our support and best wishes for good health.

The measures imposed by the Spanish government under Royal Decree-Law No. 10/2020 of 29 March 2020, have forced us to adopt certain precautions with regard to postal and courier deliveries. In this regard, from today and barring any indication from us to the contrary, we must ask you to please proceed as follows:

(i)Please do not send us original documents by post or courier. We ask you to kindly scan them in colour and send us a copy by e-mail;

(ii) Should it be absolutely necessary to send anything by post or courier which, for some reason, cannot wait, we would be grateful if you could first send us the scanned colour copy, so that we may inform you, by return e-mail and depending on the type of document concerned, to which postal address and for whose attention you should send the original document.

(iii) While we are hopeful that everything will soon return to normal in Spain, we imagine that it will not occur before the second half of April or the beginning of May.

We wish to take this opportunity to remind you that the entire workforce of Elzaburu has been working from home and operating as normal since 16 March.


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