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Chatbots make it to the Spanish legal sector: Elzaburu presents ELZABOT

Chatbots have been one of the hottest topics in the Legal Tech world in recent months.

Chatbots, or virtual assistants, are not the most cutting-edge development in the field of artificial intelligence (there are already more established examples, such as Siri, Alexa or Google Now), but they do represent a new technological option in the legal field.

There are not many examples of legal field chatbots in the world and most, if not all of them, are programmed in English or other languages.

In line with its commitment to innovation, ELZABURU has been developing Legal Tech solutions for several years to meet the needs of its clients and enhance its internal work processes. Thus, ElzaBot came into being with the aim of becoming a benchmark in the Spanish-speaking Legal Tech field.

ElzaBot is a legal sector chatbot which offers clients and users of ELZABURU’s website the possibility of obtaining information on the firm and answers to basic questions on industrial and intellectual property and new technologies.

The aim is to open a new channel of client-lawyer communication, creating a closer and more informal conversation and interaction environment.

ElzaBot aims to improve the digital experience of clients and provide information on the services Elzaburu offers, guiding users towards the most appropriate advice for their problem or query.

ElzaBot was developed with cooperation from the Alicante-based company 1millionbot (https://1millionbot.com/), one of the rising stars of the Alicante innovation sector and its “Digital District” project, specializing in the development of conversational bots, and with the continuous support of numerous professionals of the firm who provided content and tested the tool.

To develop and perfect the tool, it was necessary to determine not only which subjects ElzaBot could address but also the conversational tone and style, given that the legal sector has a very specific target group and specialized language. Therefore, the aim was to make the conversations informal and simple, while maintaining the necessary legal rigour.

Like any other chatbot, ElzaBot has a continuous learning system which enables it to adapt its responses to the demands of its users and will enable it to broaden and enhance content over time.

ElzaBot is available on ELZABURU’s website: https://www.elzaburu.es/

Authors: Pilar SorianoElisa Prieto
Visit our website: http://www.elzaburu.es/

ELZABURU in motion

On 14 January, certain amendments to the Trademark Act, Act No. 17/2001 of 7 December 2001 entered into force. The reform was carried out by means of Royal Decree-Law No. 23/2018 of 21 December 2018, which not only transposes provisions concerning trademarks to the Spanish legal system, but also provisions in areas as far removed from IP as rail transport, package tours and related travel services.

While the Royal Decree-Law has not yet been ratified (in fact, the legally established period of 30 working days has not yet elapsed), a significant proportion of the provisions amending the Trademark Act have already entered into force. One of them refers to the definition of a trademark. Now a trademark may consist of any sign capable of being represented in any manner which makes it possible to determine the clear and precise subject matter of the protection afforded. As has been the case for the past two years under the European Union trademark system, it is now possible to register signs that were not previously eligible for registration, such as multimedia marks or motion marks.

With this in mind, Elzaburu, a specialized industrial and intellectual property law firm, has filed the first application to register a motion mark at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office. The application has been filed for its legal tech project, a collaborative platform developed by the firm for intellectual and industrial property management. The platform, called ElzaCloud is already a reality.

Elzaburu has set the wheels in motion not only by launching the ElzaCloud legal tech platform, but also by filing, under the new legal framework, the first application for the registration of a motion mark in Spain. Welcome ElzaCloud and welcome motion marks!

Author: Luis Baz

Visit our website: http://www.elzaburu.es/en


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