The number of countries that have joined the Madrid System has risen considerably in recent years. The number of countries from the Americas joining the Protocol is particularly significant, giving rise to new protection opportunities for trademark owners with interests in that part of the world.

Jamaica is the latest country to announce that it is joining the Madrid Protocol, which is set to enter into force on 27 March 2022.


North American influence (mainly USA and Canada) in commercial relations is particularly strong in Jamaica. And while it is not a big market for brands internationally and consumption of foreign goods is modest, it is undoubtedly an important international tourism hub where Spanish hotel companies have a considerable presence. It is also a big producer and exporter of sugar cane, spices and fruit, coffee, tobacco and cannabis (a growing market in the pharmaceutical and therapeutic sector) and, of course, reggae music, since Jamaica is the birthplace and home of reggae.

Author: Cristina Arroyo

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