Spain has been removed, for the first time since 2017, from the “Notorious Markets List 2020” blacklist drawn up annually by the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR), which highlights online and physical markets that reportedly engage in or facilitate substantial trademark counterfeiting and copyright piracy.

After three consecutive years of including the “La Jonquera” market in Gerona for selling counterfeit products, Spain no longer appears on the counterfeit blacklist. However, U.S. authorities stress that activities have been reduced in many physical markets due to the lack of tourism and other circumstances caused by the pandemic, so it will continue to monitor them and may reassess them in the event that infringing activities reappear.

In the previous 2019 report, the U.S. Government called on Spain to engage in a comprehensive approach to address the situation in the Els Límits area in the Girona municipality of La Jonquera, where citizens from other countries were scandalously coming to buy counterfeit goods.

Thanks to the joint work of the different agents involved in the fight against the sale and distribution of counterfeit goods in Spain (Customs Surveillance Agency, National Police and, especially, the Civil Guard), Spain has been removed from this shameful list. Congratulations to all of them for their constant efforts in the fight against counterfeits!

Spain’s removal from the counterfeit blacklist will prevent Spain’s trade interests with the United States from being affected.


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Author: Juan José Caselles

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