Digital rights

Besides dealing with the field of data protection, Title X of the Act lays down a controversial series of provisions dealing with digital rights, such as Internet neutrality, universal access, promotion in education, and extension of the right to be forgotten to social media, that are highly contentious among people in the field.


In the field of labour relations, the Act provides broad protection for employees while placing squarely on employers the need to adjust internal policies to such new factors as:

  1. a) Protection of privacy in the use of digital devices and metered access to content.
  2. b) Digital disconnection, to ensure respect for free time off work.
  3. c) Greater regulation of the conditions of valid video surveillance and audio recording.
  4. d) Employees’ right to privacy in respect of geolocation systems.

 Digital inheritance

Barring a will stipulating otherwise, the heirs, persons related to the deceased, and/or persons designated by the deceased may access the deceased’s content on social media and digital platforms and give service providers instructions as to its use, modification, destination, and removal.

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Authors: Ruth Benito y Fernando Díaz

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