Quality Assurance Policy


The Firm’s Management Team, in the context of the implementation of a Quality Management System and with the aim of improving the functioning of the Firm and its results, undertakes to establish the following as the Firm’s Quality Assurance Policy:

- Professional excellence: Provide our clients with a first-rate professional service, based on in-depth and up-to-date legal expertise in the field of industrial and intellectual property law, acting in accordance with our client’s instructions and requirements, prompt action, professional courtesy and style standards, compliance with ethical principles and avoidance of conflicts of interest, and generally adapting to our clients’ needs, thereby encouraging clients to place and maintain their trust in ELZABURU.

- Respect for the legal framework and internal standards for action: Ensure compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our activities in the field of industrial and intellectual property and to the rest of our activities included within the scope of the Quality Management System, and compliance with all other internal procedures established by the Firm’s Management Team in the framework of the Quality Management System and the Quality Assurance Policy.

- Client satisfaction: Seek and analyze feedback on our services from our clients with a view to taking any necessary action to meet their expectations, attending to any complaints, suggestions and instances of non-compliance, with a commitment to act immediately to remedy the issue in question as a method of improvement and a means of increasing satisfaction.

- Continuous improvement: Provide the appropriate tools and means to encourage members of the Firm to take initiative and participate in seeking new methods and opportunities for continuous improvement, planning and overseeing their development and adapting them to the internal and external operations of the Firm.

- Streamlining procedures: Plan, define, carry out and control the most appropriate process flows, in an effort to achieve maximum automation, simplicity and control of our processes and more effective results.

- New technologies: Foster the implementation of new technologies and promote continuous updating of the technology and its use by all members of the Firm, with a resolute commitment to the digital management of case files.

All employees of the Firm must be familiar with and respect this Quality Assurance Policy and carry out the tasks assigned to them in the Quality Management System documentation (Quality and Procedures Manual). Moreover, all managers and supervisors must ensure that the Quality Assurance Policy is communicated to and understood, implemented and kept up-to-date by all those employees for which they are responsible.


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