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Here at ELZABURU, IP Media & Entertainment refers to all the different sectors broadly lumped together as the "content industry". It encompasses writers, artists, performers, actors, music publishers, record companies, audiovisual production companies, theatre companies, etc. – in short, creators of culture and cultural agents. But users, too, and of course media outlets – the mass media (radio, television, social networks, etc.) – are also an essential part of the entertainment industry.

It is by now a given that the way users access intellectual content is constantly evolving, affecting both the media, who have to alter their business models to comply with regulations, and creators themselves, who need legal tools enabling them to protect and profit from their creations. ELZABURU's IP Media & Entertainment unit has a team of legal and business experts with long experience in the music and audiovisual sectors, collective rights management, and intellectual property generally. It is their mission to provide comprehensive advice to everyone involved in the complex process of content creation-dissemination-use and/or exploitation.




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