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The food sector has undergone major changes in the past 25 or 30 years. Artisanal and farmhouse production methods have given way to modern industrial processing, which has both increased productivity and improved the sanitary conditions of the resulting food products. Small grocery stores have been replaced by major retail outlets, with a large selections of products competing for consumers' attention and seeking to instil individual brand awareness to encourage repeat purchases. At the same time, purchasing power has risen, and with it food has ceased to be viewed solely as a primary necessity, many food items coming to be viewed as gourmet items to be consumed purely for pleasure and commanding premium prices.

Food manufacturing companies have thus been forced to undertake continuous innovation to create new products along with packaging get-ups attractive to consumers to stimulate sales and improve returns from their production processes. All this makes the protection of innovations essential to ensure companies' competitiveness and their exclusive rights in their creations..

ELZABURU has recognized IP experts in product branding and food company brand identity as well as in protecting exclusive rights are qualified to assist and advise in:

  • Developing new product brands;
  • Creating and registering industrial designs for package shapes, packaging decoration, and specific product shapes;
  • Registering new plant varieties;
  • Registering patents for new manufacturing processes, machine inventions, new foods, new food additives, and so on;
  • Registering utility models for less complicated apparatus.
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