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The field of biotechnology has undergone some of the most sweeping changes in recent times and has had far-reaching impact on our quality of life. Advances in biotechnology have not only brought new pharmaceuticals for previously incurable diseases but have also revolutionized many industries, including the agrifood industry, improving production processes, increasing crop yields, diversifying the range of products available, and even helping eliminate industrial waste and produce new fuels.

On the other hand, by their very nature, gaining marketing authorization for biotechnology discoveries and applications tends to be complicated and involved. For this reason, many companies fail to complete the process of bringing their biotechnology inventions on stream, and their potential benefits are lost to society.

Often only solid industrial property rights that ensure exclusive entitlement to market the resulting products will encourage companies to set out on the path to marketing authorization. The involvement of specialists with expertise in drawing up and prosecuting patent applications is therefore highly advisable, because biotechnology inventions have to fulfil specific patentability requirements that differ from country to country. Access to appropriate legal advice is key to ensuring compliance with all marketing requirements by biotechnology inventions.

ELZABURU has a team of recognized experts with experience in patenting biotechnology inventions and in providing legal advice with a view to obtaining marketing authorization and making suitable technology transfer arrangements. Our team's purpose is to provide support for our clients at every stage in the process.

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