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Patents are one of the cornerstones underpinning companies of many different kinds, technology companies in particular, helping to make them more competitive and thus giving them an edge up on the competition. Patents of invention, which are used to protect inventions generally, utility models, which are used to protect simpler inventions, and industrial designs, which are used to protect the appearance of industrial objects, are some of the tools companies can use for these purposes.

ELZABURU's multidisciplinary team of engineers, chemists, biotechnologists, and biologists is experienced and knowledgeable in all fields of technology, and its members are qualified representatives before the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office and the European Patent Office. Our extensive network of local Associates provides representation before patent offices throughout the world and offers all the professional services needed to protect innovation worldwide. We are thus in a position to provide all the assistance our clients need for their R&D and innovation activities, from identifying patentable inventions to patent novelty searches to the prosecution and defense of patents anywhere in the world.

The clear and timely explanation and comprehensive professional advice we provide cuts through the complexities of all these proceedings, helping clients take strategic decisions as required to optimize their global patent portfolios.

In addition, thanks to our location in Spain, a bridge to the other Spanish-speaking countries, management of patent portfolios in a panoply of countries can be centralized in our firm, thereby enhancing efficiencies and lowering management costs. Conversely, our shared language with those countries makes us their natural gateway to the European Patent Office.

More than 1,200 European patents filed with the European Patent Office.

Leaders in European patent validation in Spain.


Innovation Strategy: Patents and Industrial Designs

  • Patent and industrial design portfolio management and consulting.
  • Strategic patent and industrial design planning worldwide.
  • Patentability assessments, design searches and registrability assessments.
  • Searches and watches on our clients' own and third-party patent and design rights.
  • Freedom to operate (FTO) assessments.
  • Expert technical opinions for the Spanish courts.
  • Patent and industrial design audits and valuation (due diligence).

Rights Protection and Management

  • Filing, prosecution, and maintenance of patents and industrial designs in all countries.
  • Acting directly on behalf of clients as their authorized representatives before the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office and the European Patent Office.
  • Acting directly on behalf of clients as their authorized representatives before the SPTO, OHIM, and WIPO.
  • Opposing third-party patents and designs, defending against third-party oppositions. Defending patents at European Patent Office hearings.
  • Validating European patents in Spain.
  • Recording assignments and other changes of ownership against patents and industrial designs.


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Industrial Designs

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