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150th Anniversary


We are proud to be marking the 150th anniversary of our quest for excellence in our profession, looking eagerly towards a future replete with challenges and opportunities that will enable us to put our past experience to use in breaking new ground for protecting those ever more valuable rights, intangible assets.


150 Anniversary brochure

In 1865, when Julio Vizcarrondo Elzaburu took up residence in Madrid, trademarks, patents, and other intellectual property rights were nearly as alien as little green men from Mars.

When, in the late 1880s, Francisco de Elzaburu set out on travels at the inception of a network of international conventions governing the transborder protection of IP rights, the internationalization of Spanish companies and practitioners was unimaginable to all but the most forward-thinking minds.

150 Aniversario

And later, in the 20th century, bringing top independent professionals into a family firm, as our President, Alberto de Elzaburu, did, advancing down the path initiated by his father, was still something outside the bounds of normal professional practice.

Now, in the 21st century, on the 150th anniversary of a professional venture that has seen so many of its efforts crowned with success, it is still our aim to continue to break new ground in all areas in our field of activity.

And so, verging on 150 years, we have reason to celebrate and hope that our joy will be infectious, taking root in all of us who are part of this Firm, and that we can convey our enthusiasm and expectations to our many clients and friends in the fields of law, industrial property, innovation, and copyright.

In this vein we will be holding a number of events in the course of 2015 and will be posting reports on this website.


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